28 Hot Startups at Traction Camp Odessa

TRACTION Camp is a free three-day workshop for 25 selected founders of early-stage technology product startups […] Featuring leading startup experts and over 40 hours of workshops, experience-sharing sessions, and pitch practice.

Startups are sexy, everyone wants to be part of one, few are doing this, even less have success. From 26’th to 30’th of October I was in Odessa. A city I love, which amaze me every time I am around. This time I was representing Hello Career at Traction Camp. We were developing Hello Career with small steps since Startup Weekend Moldova as a tool to help young specialists from Moldova create their resumes adapted to the needs of local employers.

During 3-days event I’ve met 27 founders from Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus – guys and girls willing to “make the world a better place” – hustling in east Europe and inspiring us all to want more.

Here are 28 hot startups in Eastern Europe from Traction Camp Odessa:

1. Capitan – Capitan is the first smart shopping list that learns as you use it and saves you time & money.  Avoid extra trips by sharing lists with your family. Make sure you have everything for your next meal by keeping track of your pantry lists. Save time by automatically grouping by aisles of a store

2. Renta Analytics – Renta is an app for syncing data about your sales with Universal Analytics. Simple synchronization with your CRM or website. Currently at the beta-testing stage.

3. Pawer – Pawer is a beautifully designed smart collar for cats that together with the mobile app becomes a POCKET VET for the owner to better understand and take care of his/her cat.

4. MeetnGreetme – MeetnGreetMe offers social concierge services for world travelers from local people. MeetnGreetMe blends online social platform with offline localized personal assistance to bring international travellers peace of mind, safety and personalized approach when they are abroad.

5. Eventer – Платформа для удобной организации и проведения мероприятий.

6. Probanker – booking.com for banks. Web-service to find perfect match for your banking needs in most solid banks with ease and fun. Probanker aggregates all banks related information and deliver exactly what user needs in simple and clear way.

7. Ilave – Ilave it’s a combination of consumer marketplace for tours, activities and events and personally adapted SaaS reservation and managing platform (http://ilave.pro/).

8. Ringostat – Track calls from your website and increase your sales. More than 70% of online sales happen on the phone. Identify where those customer calls are coming from to optimize your advertising budget and help your call agents perform better.

9. Q-page – Конструктор лендингов Q-page. Ваша страница за 15 минут без трат на програмиста и дизайнера.

10. Adtena – Adtena is online platform for managing advertising campaigns in Wi-Fi networks using precise geolocation and customer data for delivering the most relevant mobile ads.

11. Slidepay – Все платежные и скидочные карты в одном приложении. Теперь выходя из дома, тебе главное не забыть телефон.

12. Fentury a personal finance software that helps you see all your incomes & expenses in one place. Connect all your bank accounts and e-wallets and get your data automatically updated and organized for you. Analyze your spendings and use budgets to improve your planning.

13. Foster – Automated analytics for ad campaigns in Google AdWords.

14. AppFunnel – Customer success solutions.

15. PublicFast – Here’s the place where brands and influencers get together and create social media projects.

16. Kangapay – The fastest way to buy in supermarket: no queues, no cash, no waiting.

17. Ideanomix – OW: Женский Календарь месячных и овуляции.

18. Winefique – A professional wine blog. Discover stories of Moldovan wines.

19. Netpeak Spider – Netpeak Spider is a desktop tool designed to scan and analyze websites just like search engine robots.

20. Stepshot – Create step-by-step software documentation.

21. MeVICS – Mevics makes your spine healthy! Health-care gadget that effectively controls your posture during the work.

22. 1000Leads – We will deliver you 1000 contacts of your potential customers.

23. Hello Career – Resume builder for young specialists from Moldova.

24. SaltEdge – a Financial Data Aggregation API for businesses: PFMs, accounting softwares, wealth management, etc. Salt Edge API gathers unstructured data from Financial Institutions and brings it to simple unified format that is easily accessible by different applications: web services, desktop, or mobile apps.

25. BeBeep – Fellow Drives & Passengers Locator.

26. Fithero – Preventing child obesity.

27. Ontourcloud – A Global Scheduling and Touring System for Today’s Entertainment Industry.

28. Workhack – это рекомендательный сервис инструментов и техник
для эффективной работы и бизнеса.


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